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thin winding road.

I ended up just reading manga again today.

「櫻加賀」/「S A~」のイラスト [pixiv]

My questions for you:

1 Favorite new anime? been slacking on new anime :c I started watching Shiki, though. first episode, but still! p:

2 What comes to your mind when I say- potato   sasha from snk. :3

3 Do you bealive in ghosts? I do, actually. then a part of me denies it out of fear haha. 

4 In what country do you want to go ? so many! germany, new zealand. tons more.

5 Tell me some of your favorite anime characters.  oh god. this list would literally take like a year. I will narrow it down to 3, and that is a tiny fraction lol.  1. Nana osaki from nana  2. Naruto  3.  Alphonse and Edward elric <3

6 Watermelon or melon? watermelon

7 An anime song that you like.  basically anything by yui

8 Are you good at drawing? not particularly. mostly writing c: 

9 Sleeping or eating? why not both? :P

10 Latest anime/manga you watched/read? kill la kill and probably a shoujo of some sort.

11 What magic power would you want to have ? a power to help calm people and smile :) that would be nice.

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Jul 18
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